The new independent 'mash-up' clubs are open multi-sports sessions throughout Leicestershire for children of all ages, abilities and experience to enjoy! 

Boys and girls from 4 to 14 years old can attend with the fantastic opportunity to enhance their development in sport through the coaching of our vastly qualified and hugely experienced multi-sports coaching team.

Although our sessions are technique and skills based, they are very much about fun and enjoyment for all standards of players, as we aim to encourage all children to take part in sport. Everybody is welcome to attend and the activities may lead to opportunities with external sports clubs!

During the course of our clubs we cover a host of popular sports including team, ball, striking, field and target games...ranging from football and rugby to cricket and golf to basketball and netball to hockey to dodgeball etc etc etc... 

It is a win-win situation for children in our multi-sports mash up clubs as they not only get to learn new sports and broaden their sporting knowledge and educational development but they also will make new friends and enhance social skills as well as the obvious benefits in terms of fitness, well-being and exercise.

We are also available to schools, colleges, clubs, and any government funded or independent organisations for our highly qualified and vastly experienced coaches to deliver sport specific or multi-sports sessions, whether it be a regular contract or one-off event.

If you would like more information about our regular independent multi-sports clubs throughout the county or would like to acquire our services to deliver multi-sports clubs or sessions then please do not hesitate to look at our linked social media pages or get in contact with us on and/or 07584 568 937

Forthcoming Holiday Courses

  • February Half-Term: Sports Leaders UK in Markfield

  • February Half-Term: Sports Leaders UK in Kibworth