In nurseries, playgroups and pre-school settings, ME Sports provide an enabling environment in which children's learning is supported and extended by underpinning their Early Years Learning Journey.

The importance of getting children active and starting them young is crucial.  Not only is it vital in enhancing their physical development but can also greatly develop other aspects of their progression such as gaining confidence, understanding relationships and beginning teamwork.

We offer a variety of pre-school sports activities that are perfect for younger children.  These services are designed to support nurseries and pre-school settings in their nursery school sports coaching, forming a vital component of Early Years Learning.

SoccerTots is a unique football specific play programme for boys and girls from 2yrs to 5yrs.  Through this, the children develop essential skills such as balance, co-ordination and social skills whilst being active in a fun environment.

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Multi-Skills Mash focuses on the very FUNdamentals of a child's physical development.  These sessions not only develop the children physically but socially, emotionally and cognitively too.  New skills and activities are introduced each session using age appropriate equipment in inclusive and engaging games.

Mini Movers is designed to teach the basic skills of dance and gymnastics whilst developing other vital personal qualities.  The children are encouraged to explore their ability to move and dance which in turn improves balance, flexibility, agility, rhythm and co-ordination.  Sessions also include yoga.

CycleBugs is Balanceability that combines unique ergonomic balance bikes with a schedule of fun activities that build confidence spacial awareness and dynamic balance skills enabling young children to learn to cycle without ever needing stabilisers.

Our specialist coaches deliver the sessions at the nursery or pre-school setting and provide all equipment and planning which can be used for reporting and evidence.  The sessions can be booked and delivered at a very reasonable cost whether the particular nursery chooses to cover the cost direct or operate a 'parent funded' system.  A lot of establishments opt to use Pupil Premium Funding to cover our services.

If you would like to book a free taster session or series of tasters for your nursery, playgroup or pre-school setting then please get in touch with us on 07584 568 937 or

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